Verified Military
Aug 27, 2011
Some place I don't wanna be!
Hello everyone,
My name is "Panthro" . I am active duty US Army. Have been 11C my entire career which began in 1998. I have served with 1st CAV, 2-8CAV(AR) and 2-5CAV INF(M); 1-503d INF RGT(AA)[Korea]; 4th ID, 3-66(AR) and 7-10 CAV; currently 4-7CAV, 2ID Korea.

I am here to learn more about the Special Operations community as I am very interested in a change in my career path. I hope to meet great soldiers, operators and people in general. Hope everyone has great holiday and happy New Year!
13 years as an 11C?!? Did you like the job or are you just a masochist? 4 years was eneough for me. Thanks for your service.
Welcome to SS and Thank You for your service. NOTE: You might want to consider deleting your full name from the intro post. Probably not a good idea to have your ID out in the public domain since you are considering making a change toward the SOF realm.