Jan 6, 2012
I am a senior who is studying Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University. After I graduate my goal is to serve as a medic in the 75th Ranger Regiment. I currently hold my NREMT-b certification, which is what sparked my interest to serve as a medic. I've taken the ASVAB and physical at MEPS, now I'm just waiting for the 68W option 40. I joined this forum to use the search function and further my knowledge about the SOF community. I look forward to serving our country.

Thank you for allowing me to be a member here

Marauder06 -
I have a strong urge to give back to America. We have an awesome country and it seems like the vast majority of people (my peers) take it for granted everyday. I wanna do my part as a citizen and give back in some way. Also, I feel that the amount of intangibles I can gain and grow as a person are exponentially greater in the military than elsewhere. I'm an optimist, and whatever happens while I'm in the army, I know I can grow from in one way or another. As far as enlisting over the officer route, my dream is to be a combat medic in the 75th. I've heard my fair share of opposition from other service members about going the enlisted route instead of OCS :D but I'm not doing it for the money or any other benefits. I expect that the army is going to get a lot more out of me that I am out of it. I'm enlisting simply to serve our country and grow as a person in the process.
Welcome and good luck. I was in PHX over Christmas stand down and now I'm back in Chicago. I miss being able to wear shorts/t-shirts in December and January...
Oh ye of little faith. Me thinks you shall get a lot more out of this journey than you think. Don't keep score in life by the $. Thank you for working on stepping up.