Verified Military
Jan 9, 2012
Fort Bragg
Good evening all!

I am a former 11B turned 68W then forcibly (temporarily) reclassed into 74D stationed at Bragg with the 101st CBRN company. I say forcibly because when I made the transition to AD from Reserves the Army told me they had no room for a guy who has done nothing except trauma and emergency medicine since 2002, AND who is already a MOSQ 68W medic.....hmm I guess I'll never understand the bureaucracy of recruiting:rolleyes:! I am submitting my packet tomorrow for SFAS and hope to go through selection in May. I will be gleaning as much info from here as I can in the mean time to get myself better prepared for selection. Thanks all SpecOps soldiers for setting the standard to which I will be holding myself!
Welcome aboard.
That sucks about the reclass. Sounds the recruiter just needed to fill slots and shafted you as a result.
Thanks for all the welcome wishes. Have been selected and will be starting the Q in Feb 2013. I will continue to lurk and glean( and occasionally ask retarded questions:-o ) until I have achieved my goal and may possibly have something worthwhile to contribute.