Jan 3, 2011
Southern California
Hi everyone,

My name is Sean and I'm just a guy working at a small warehouse in Southern California. I am 23 years old with a dream of being part of the SOF community... one day...

Thank you.
Welcome to SS, Sean. Someday never comes. If you wait long enough, you will find that your future turns into your past. A journey begins with a single step and if you take enough steps, the journey get completed. If you want to turn your dream into a reality, make a plan and then live the plan. The choice is yours; Continue to dream or get started living the dream. There no time like today to start the jouney ......
Welcome, Sean. I hope that you find everything you need here and trust me when I say: take every piece of advice these guys give you. They will help a lot if you understand and think on what they're saying. It is helping me and I think it can help you too. :thumbsup: