Verified Military
Feb 26, 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Hello. I have been AD Air Force for 2.5 years. I am in Emergency Management doing CBRN and HazMat type stuff at Peterson AFB, my first duty station. Within the next year or so I plan on crosstraining into TACP, so right now I am just lifting, running, and working out a lot.
Welcome and thank you for your service. Good luck with the TACP pipeline.
Nice avatar.
UPDATE (might as well do it here and not start another thread):

I have been looking into SOWT and became very interested. I met with a SOWT operator and talked with him, now I am dead set on crosstraining into SOWT. I have been busting my ass to get ready for my PAST and only after a few days of swimming, completed my first 25m underwater swim. I won't be able to put my package in until next Spring, so that's more time to train up!
xCMx, you could probably post another "intro" HERE and then keep us all updated HERE. :thumbsup:
That entire section of the forum is dedicated to all things SOF prep/Mentoring.