Jesus garcia

Jul 17, 2012
Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton
Good morning my name is Jesus and I am 26 years old. I am a hospital corpsman at camp pendleton and here to seek guidance and learn more about being a SARC. I am open to suggestions and all help is welcome. thank you.
thank you all for the welcome. Well I am still looking into the different pipelines but I am interested in RECON and MARSOC.
God willing I can try out but i do need more info and a good prep guide.

Do the Marsoc A&S/BRC 10-week prep guide. It's designed for candidates. They are on their respective websites, or just google them. They are same, but Recon tweaked it just a little if I recall. Don't cheat the work up or the card, and you will be fine. Make sure you are comfortable in the pool, that is the game changer for everyone.