Sep 26, 2015
Ladies and Gentleman,

I stumbled across ShadowSpear a few weeks ago researching MARSOC and have been viewing the forum almost daily. Thus, I figured it was time to join as a member and post an introduction.

I'll start with saying I am an active duty Marine, currently serving in my first enlistment. I was drawn to the Corps during my junior/senior year of high school and made the decision to join upon turning 18. My father and grandfathers had served in the military, but the military life was never pushed onto me. I was drawn to the thrill of it. I was seeing friends that were older than I, deploying to Afghanistan and fighting. They talked highly of their experiences. The good times and the bad. I wanted to experience it for myself. I wanted to fight.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't make it in time. I signed an Artillery contract and became a FO. While in the school house I became very motivated, I wanted to be the best. It was that time when I discovered ANGLICO units, and said "That's different, that's where I want to go". Upon completing my schooling I was lucky enough to in fact receive orders to ANGLICO.

Not long after arriving, I attended a reiteration of the ANGLICO Basic Course. The course had been gone for some time, and it was a project the senior leadership at the time was working on to bring back to the unit. I graduated the course as an honor graduate in my SALT and placed with a FCT that was set to deploy. Now, this was by no means a note worthy accomplishment, considering the course was more of a trial run than anything else, but as a young Marine I was proud of it. When I arrived to the team, I still wasn't exactly sure what to expect but I worked hard to show my competence and willingness to learn. Soon into our workup I was sent to attend the Joint Fires Observer course. To me, as a PFC at the time, that was huge. I was on top of the world. I returned from the course and felt prepped for what was come of the deployment. We were able to attend few courses here and there, and we trained hard.

It was at this time when I felt I was ready to do my job effectively. I wanted to be operational. However, the deployment was not at all what I had hoped for, or even what I had trained for. It was 6 months of sitting, hoping something would happen. Halfway through I had hit a low point, I felt useless, this isn't who I wanted to be. I wanted to be beside a higher caliber of individuals, doing what we were set out to do. At the end of the day I walked away with a few CAS missions (Training) and a few good times shared, but I felt empty.

This leads me to where I am today. I feel the need to do more, I didn't accomplish my mission. I don't feel that I have done enough. This had led me to look into other options. I've known of MARSOC since high school, but I never considered it until now.

At the moment that's all I am, is interested. I am continuing to research daily and evaluate what it is that I want out of my career. I look forward to spending more time on ShadowSpear.

Respectfully, C.