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Jun 2, 2016
Hello to all. My name is Jesse. I am 22 years old, prior Air Force active duty. I served as an Aerospace Propulsion Apprentice (2A631).
My enlistment started right out of high school like many before me. Due to complications it was very brief unfortunately. Initially I started out in the Navy DEP my senior year of high school with an EOD contract. During the process I explained to the recruiter about a misdemeanor I received a few years back that I quickly took care of and was no longer an issue. The recruiter had me fill out an official statement describing the misdemeanor, then proceeded to tear up the document and gave me the "this never happened" response. Being that he was in the military and I was just a high school senior I went along with it. Before I graduated high school I backed out of the Navy DEP and walked next door to the Air Force recruiter. After talking with him I took the PAST for EOD and got my slot. The recruiters were actually good friends so they easily transferred my enlistment paper work over with ease so nothing with my run in with the law was ever mentioned again. Towards the end of my time at BMT at Lackland, AFB Admin started processing our TS paperwork but before they did we were asked if we had anything that we wanted to confess before they found out for themselves. Feeling uneasy about my situation I came forward and told the personnel everything about what happened. They proceeded to let me graduate BMT and head to tech school. During EOD tech school I was called in for interviews and asked more questions regarding my TS, in which I complied without question. Knowing it wasn't going to end well I DOR'd out my class in hopes to get reclassed into a non TS AFSC to salvage my Air Force career and if possible after things boiled over cross train into another BA AFSC. I did get reclassed into 2A631 and excelled through tech school and made it into the operational Air Force. 4 Months after arriving at my first duty station I was called in by my commander who notified me I was being put up for separation for fraudulent entry. Immediately I sought out help from the Area Defense Council who helped me put together a case to be retained. After doing some digging we found that my commander at BMT acknowledged what was going on and wrote a waiver on my behalf to retain me along with other documents. Long story short the command got to the bottom of things and realized I was innocent of the offense and that I got screwed over by the recruiter. It ultimately was up to the base commander, who said I was getting discharged but because I served honorably since coming in that I received an honorable discharge.
After getting out I moved back to Oklahoma. I have had multiple jobs in the oil field (roughnecking, environmental, technical rescue, etc.) and now I work in the civil service as a jet engine mechanic.
Ever since I was discharged I still have had the desire to be apart of something bigger than myself and to help others on a scale that I know I am capable of and then some. Last memorial day while doing MURPH at my crossfit gym I met 2 TACP gents from the local guard unit. After shooting the shit with them for a while after the workout it got me thinking about trying my odds of getting back in. Although I had just a brief taste of what it was like to be apart of something that caliber (EOD Tech School) I knew that if I were to get another shot then something of that nature is what I am going to do. Over the past year I have been doing research on my available options and it was 3 months ago I stumbled upon this website. 2 days ago I reached out to the unit recruiter and scheduled a meeting with him. After looking at my DD214 my reenlistment code is 2K 1,8 meaning I am ineligible to reenlist BUT may be eligible for waiver if conditions of discharge no longer exist and I possess potential for further service along with other conditions. Although he said the chances aren't great I am hoping that the gaining officials will give me a chance. I won't give up on my pursuit but I understand you can't control everything. If the Air Force doesn't work my contingency is to go the Army route, as I have already spoken with the active duty recruiter in my area and assured me I could test for an SF slot.
I know this is quite the introduction but I know that If I had just said I only served over a year and received an honorable discharge it would leave many wondering if I was a shit bag or not. Have a good day and God Bless.
Welcome. There may be some folks here who can provide some advice, but you likely won't get many responses here in your intro thread.

Start a fresh thread with your questions see what you get. Oh yeah, mix in a paragraph or two, that was a beast to try and read! ;-)
To all,

I do apologize for my run on sentences and non-paragraphing. This is my first online forum I have ever been apart of and I haven't had to introduce myself over the internet before. Rather than setting up my intro in a knowledgeable manner I was just trying to get my point across.