Oct 19, 2017
Hello Members of Shadow Spear,
I am 22 years old EMT-B planning to enlist into the Army as a 68W with the goal of becoming part of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

What drew me into the 160th 68W pathway among other Special Operation Medic Regiments was the Night Stalker Creed and the unique conditions that SOAR flight medics work under. From casualty evacuation in hostile regions to operating primarily in the night, everything about this Regiment has brought nothing but awe and motivation out of me since first reading of the Night Stalkers. I understand that the road to becoming a deployable SOAR flight medic is a long and arduous process but I couldn't wish for a more desirable job. From Green Platoon to clinical assessments to SOCM, I would feel utterly privileged to attempt becoming part of the Army's elite Aviation Regiment. Due to the secretive nature of this Regiment, I am unsure what I am allowed to ask regarding the seperate selection for 68W candidates but all advice and criticism will be met with eager ears.
In order to raise my chances of selection, I am currently working on my 25m targets by improving my physical fitness and becoming sound in my EMT-B knowledge.

P/U: 70
S/U: 80
2 Mile: 13:00
Pull-ups: 12

Thank you for your time.