Patient Candidate

Sep 29, 2019
Hello Community,

I apologize in advance for the long winded intro, but I like to provide context whenever possible - and my journey towards SOF has been a long one.

I have been in the US Army for close to 11 years. I entered as an Ad soldier in a logistics role, and deployed for one year to Kandahar (2009).

It didn't take long to realize that I should have instead pursued a combat arms role, and so I chose to transition into the ARNG, rather than the Army Reserves.

Within a couple of years in the VA ARNG, I learned about and decided to pursue an 18 series role with 20th SFG(A) in NC.

I successfully completed numerous Special Forces Readiness Evaluations (SFREs) with 20th Group, and was sent on to attend SFAS in April of 2014.

Due to a recklass driving conviction that was 2 years old, I was dropped from SFAS, and told I could return in one year.

Both my VA ARNG unit and the Training NCO at 20th SFG(A) supported my desire to make another attempt. I continued to attend SFRE drills, maintaining very competitive performance and scores.

Exactly one year later, I attended and succeeded at SFAS (April, 2015).

The interstate transfer process took several months, and when I arrived at my new (SF) unit, they were deployed.

To try and make a long story short(er), it took forever to get an Airborne School slot, as well as a security clearance.

I was not able to enter the SFQC within the 2 years allotted.

I am now in a position where my unit is supporting a waiver request for me to enter the Q Course, or re-enter SFAS.

I am thankful that they have recognized my persistence and devotion to the goal - through what has now been 4 years.

With that being said, I am committed to joining the SOF community at all costs, and I have put much thought into an alternate route - in case this door closes for good.

While I have the tenacity to be very patient (for progress on this path), I am also a 34 year old husband and father, so time is definitely a factor that affects not just myself.

With all that being said, I am hopeful that I can finish what I started and earn the Green Beret.

My alternate goal, which I am just as enthused for, is to earn a place with an Air NG TACP Squadron.

Thanks to anyone who had the patience to read this, and I appreciate the value shared by the experienced warriors on this site.