Verified Military
Nov 11, 2013
Richmond Hill, Georgia
Hello everyone,

I have been lurking over this site for a long time now. Even before I was in the Army. I cant remember if I did a intro when I first joined this forum or not. I was a lot younger and immature at that time, so my apologies. Here is my official new introduction.

I'm a Army Infantry veteran who served on active duty from 2013 to 2016. At the end of my contract I joined the GA ANG to finish the remainder of my service agreement which ended in 2019. I was heavy weapons the entire time, including my time in the NG.

I am 32 years old with an amazing family. Wife of almost 11 years and 3 beautiful daughters. My civilian career now I work as a Lineman Apprentice at my local Cooperative.

My wife has always supported me in everything I've ever wanted to do. It was the other day I told her I wanted to put the uniform back on and do something more. She told me stop talking about it and do it. All this was brought upon by a podcast I was listening to by Zack Hughes. He said something along the lines of; you're human, if you do not like what you have done or how you have done it. It's simple, do it again.

That is what brought me back to this site. So for now; I am here to listen, learn, search and grow till I decide which path I want to go down.
Welcome. During my active duty time with the Army I was also an 11C until I made 1SG. Held 11B, 11C, 11F, & 11Z.