Nov 11, 2020
Good Afternoon Members,

My name is S and I am a 27 year old civilian with hopes of becoming a GB. I have wanted to serve for as long as I could remember but the itch has become more prevalent in the past 6 months to a year. Due to some medical and professional factors, I haven't been able to commit until recently. Though I have not signed anything yet, I am in contact with a recruiter and have got the ball rolling.

A little about myself - Former 3 sport athlete from the Northeast, college degree and 5 years professional working experience in Finance, currently splitting my time between Washington DC, NJ and South Carolina. Personal interests include hunting, surfing, reading and hiking/camping. Have kept up with my fitness and would say that I would be in the 275 APFT range at this time, but confident I can gradually get to a 300 in a few months. I have been researching the process for about 6 months and am leaning towards 18x enlistment, but considering the NG route as well.

What I am looking for is a mentor or someone who can help with the process or any questions I have about the pipeline, training, recruiting, and general advice. I have a close family member who was GB in Vietnam and have spoken to him about his time and what to expect. Though I appreciate his insight, the process and mission seems to have changed greatly over the years, so anyone with recent knowledge would be helpful. I am new to this forum so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.



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Sep 23, 2006
Welcome, you can post your questions in the appropriate forum. Lots of guys here have the experience to answer generic questions and we have SF guys who can drill down even further.