Oct 25, 2010
SOF and Service Members, Shadowspear Users, and Hopefuls/Wishers,

Hello and thank you for you contributions sung and opsec'd for US and global peace. I google'd "DLAB SOLT," saw a QP posted inside a linked thread, and recognized these boards as legit, with compounded years of advice from the absolute best. Thanks is merited you and your forum on simply the quality of discussion seen so far and I'm glad to have chanced here.

My name is David. I'm 25 years old, serving in the Hawai`i Guard (aloha mai:cool:) as a basic medic with less than a year out of AIT. I'm slowly realizing how much I need to get up-to-speed before I can claim to serve effectively, and will enlist active-duty Army after finishing this final English undergrad semester at UH. Hopefully this plan entails reclass to intel or psyops for the chance of allowing me to directly support SOF. (I have this [crazy?] idea that working with the real movers and shakers will "halo-effect" me into driving myself to excellence. I believe this was true for spending time with my older brother who was 19D with 2nd Cav and Louisiana Guard, now 11A with 10th Mountain.)

While I wait for Brigade to sign my conditional release and finish school, I'll also take the instruction given here and begin swimming for PT. Believe it or not, being born and raised in my locale does not mean speedy and fearless in the water -- no excuse if the mission demands swift and effective marops infil.

I believe this concludes requisite introduction per FTFSI protocol, and will resume absorbing and STFU-ing unless properly relieved.


"In order to be number 1, you need to train like you're number 2, always trying to be." -- Maurice Green