Verified Military
Nov 19, 2008
First of all, thank you for providing this wonderful resource to both veterans and civilians for those who support the men and women in these fields.

I am Shawn, a 20 year old male out of California. I've been a member of this site for over a year now, however it appears everything was wiped, and my post count is now 0 and I did not want to give the indication I hadn't posted an intro originally.

I enlisted into the Army on a Ranger contract when I was a junior in high school, 2008. After some obstacles, I graduated early and left for OSUT. They found out I had Scoliosis about 10 weeks into training, which I did not disclose to MEPS because of how minimal it was, which in the end got me medically discharged. A stupid, senseless mistake. What followed after that was a bureaucratic mess that lasted over 2 years. I've been in contact with the ADRB, every single branch, and gone through numerous waiver processes in persuit oif a military contract that would eventually get me to where I could try out for a special operations unit. I've undergone physical therapy additionally and received over 3 different doctor's letters. The Army continued not to accept my enlistment packet, because on my DD214's it is a general discharge, the same associated with anyone discharged so early into their contract. That is why I'm in contact with the Army Discharge Review Board and my congressman.

I came to this site originally seeking any info on enlistment. However, after years of paperwork, congressional assistance, waivers, and more; I received a contract with the US Navy. Because of my waivers it is not a special operations one, though I have no doubt I will earn myself the opportunity to try out for a unit in the near future. Listed below are my ongoing threads from and that describe everything in detail that has happened . I have two mentors, one from each of those forums. Thank you for your time, service, and input.