Iraqi Army and U.S. Special Forces Capture Al Qaeda Emir in Qayyarah


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Jan 3, 2007
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BALAD (Courtesy of CJSOTF-AP PAO, July 16, 2007) – Elements of the Iraqi Army Second Division, with U.S. Special Forces as advisors, captured the alleged emir of Qayyarah for the Al Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq during an intelligence driven operation June 15 in Qayyarah. The alleged emir directly leads fifty Al Qaeda fighters.

During the operation, Iraqi Army and U.S. Special Forces also detained three other individuals at the residence and recovered terrorist propaganda, passports and Korean currency.

The capture of this individual will disrupt terrorist networks operating in eastern Ninewa Province. The individual has high level contacts in the Al Qaeda network, cells for foreign fighters and improvised explosive devices.

No Iraqi or U.S. Special Forces soldiers were injured in the operation.