Jordan Peterson on the decline and fall of Canada

We're fucked beyond what I ever thought possible.

Let's not kid ourselves; government (any government) can always fuck their citizens a little harder than they are right at this minute.

Everything we see and hear that leads us to draw conclusions of a "worst possible" landscape is always the best-spun version of that landscape that the political machine is able to produce.

A TEAM of speech writers, strategists, analysts, communications experts, and messaging professionals have hand crafted EVERY single thing we see and hear to produce a desired effect or response from the populace.

Its ALWAYS worse that what was thought possible.
@RackMaster What's your take on this guy below? Seems light years better than Trudeau.

Either way, funny interview...

He's the Leader of the Conservative Party and the Leader of the Official Opposition, in Parliament. I like him, he's genuine and gaining a lot of support. If an election was held today, he'd win a majority. But the next election is Oct 2025. A lot can happen between now and then.