JTF 2 cleared after lengthy Afghanistan probe


Verified Military
Verified Military
Sep 15, 2011
Good to hear.


Military police investigators have cleared Canadian special forces members of any wrongdoing after a member of the Ottawa-based Joint Task Force 2 made allegations that his fellow soldiers failed to report the murder of an unarmed man in Afghanistan.

The details of the alleged crimes are still shrouded in secrecy, with military investigators saying they cannot reveal most details because those would touch on how special forces operate.
But the investigation, known as Project Sand Trap, found no evidence that any Canadian Forces members committed criminal acts, said Lt.-Col. Robert Delaney, commanding officer of the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

Phase 1 of the investigation focused on allegations that a member of JTF2 committed criminal acts between 2005 and 2006.
There were two allegations of negligence, one allegation of assault and one allegation of murder.
According to the NIS, no evidence was found to support these allegations and that investigation was closed in October 2009. Phase 2 of the investigation focused on whether Canadian special forces members failed to properly report serious criminal offences allegedly committed by individuals from other nations in 2007 and 2008.

The investigation found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by any members of the Canadian Forces, Delaney said. He declined to go into details about any of the incidents because of security reasons. But that level of secrecy is troubling especially considering the seriousness of the allegations, said Paul Champ, an Ottawa lawyer who represented Amnesty International during hearings into how the Canadian Forces handled allegations of abuse of Afghan detainees.

"The military is saying Canadian Forces members are cleared, yet there are absolutely no details on what the allegations were, who was involved, when and where it happened," Champ said.
"We're just being told to trust them, but if you look at the military in the last 20 years, unfortunately there's been a lot of reasons to question whether we should trust the military at times."

Delaney, however, said the investigation was extensive, with around 100 interviews conducted.
"It was conducted in the same manner which we conduct any of our investigations, which is independent, completely professional and extremely thorough," he added.
But Champ, and others, have questioned the independence and thoroughness of the NIS on past investigations.

"In terms of military police investigations, there has been valid questions raised recently on the Afghan detainee issue about how truly independent the military police are," he said.
"When you combine the lack of independence of the military police with the lack of transparency, that's very troubling," he added.

The Sand Trap investigation was launched after allegations were brought to the attention of the Canadian Forces Ombudsman's office, and were passed on to military police.
The NIS was brought in because of the seriousness of the allegations and they began their investigation in June 2008.
The NIS has said that information collected during the Sand Trap investigation pertaining to non-Canadian Forces members was brought to the attention of the appropriate foreign investigative authorities.
Delaney would not say what foreign investigative authorities those were​

If you want to see a libtard news segment on the investigations before they were all resolved, here you go.

Good to hear. I wish the libtards wouldn't try to find a conspiracy in everything the military does.
What sucks is that someone from the unit dimed out his own guys. Just a sad reminder that no selection process is perfect, we've had them in the US as well.

I'm glad it was cleared up.
I've been watching this and waiting for more "official" reaction but it seems like it shall go quietly, unlike it appeared. The media and the general public don't give a shit that these guys were cleared.

I just hope nothing comes out of the info they passed on to other investigation units.
So hard to believe that a member of a unit like that would rat out his buddies. Another thing I find hard to believe is that a member of a unit like that could even commit a crime like that (if it was true of course).

War crimes are reserved for the 18 - 21 year old hooahs and hoorahs who have no life experience.
It must have been bad enough that the guy thought unit members of both CANSOF and USSOF should be held accountable for these 'war crimes', but that's no excuse to cause it to turn into a media up roar. It should have been dealt with quietly so there wouldn't be a Libgasm and other uneeded BS.
You have to be quite the cunt to try throw your mates under the bus like that.


Ok, here we go:

It must have been bad enough that the guy thought unit members of both CANSOF and USSOF should be held accountable for these 'war crimes', but that's no excuse to cause it to turn into a media up roar. It should have been dealt with quietly so there wouldn't be a Libgasm and other uneeded BS.

Thats not to say the guy who 'ratted' ever did a selection, right?

Secondly, there will always be things your buddies do you'll probably cover for; but there will also, always, be the line where if someone crossed, you'd have do the right thing and say 'Hey-WTF dude'. Think about where that line is for you and then, reconsider the situation.
there is always someone who knowingly joins a unit, be it a regular one or a SOF one, and is COMPLETELY aware of what the military's mission is and what that unit does, and then only later suddenly has objections to what is done to achieve a mission. that's not to say all acts in war are legal or blameless, and one should on warrior etho's alone report criminal acts committed by your unit, but you get plenty of those hipster idiots in college who spent their time in the military and then are suddenly enlightened and against all aspects of it, especially the killing. ugh, but I hate liberal-hipster douche bag hypocrites.
Some just need to accept that this is how war goes. The sooner all the bad guys are dead the sooner it is over. At least in this case the 20/20 hindsight was favourable. It is so easy for the uninformed sitting in a nice meeting room to see how things "should have been done" and then ruin careers.
Sady Canada's Airborne Reg was disbanded over an incident. Hopefully this won't happen to JTF2. Nothing worse than listening to the CBC ( Canadian Broadcasting Corp or as I like to call it, Communist Broadcasting corp) . Leftist ass granola eating Birkenstock wearing tree hugging non bathing liberal media giants.