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1 year ago today, the Air Force Rescue Community lost Pedro 66. Tasked with the rescue of a wounded British Marine, Pedro 66 responded and was subsequently shot down on the return to their FOB.

Killed in the crash were 1LT Joel Gentz, 25, TSgt Michael Flores, 31, SSgt David Smith, 26, and SrA Ben White, 24. One week after the crash, Capt David Wisniewski "Wiz", 31, succumbed to his injuries and also died.

These men were true warriors, selfless, and brave. They died performing an important mission, the rescue of injured coalition partners from grave dangers. Their loss has affected our small community very much.

More importantly, these men were friends, brothers, sons, fathers. They were colleagues of mine, and Ben was a close friend to me and my family. Members of this board were also friends, and some were even there at the very end.

Please take a moment out of your day to remember these men. I miss every one of them and I mourn the fact that they aren't here today, both for professional and personal reasons. God rest their souls.

No one left behind; Honor the Fallen.

"That Others May Live"
Great Post AM. I cant believe it has been a year already. Please pray for their families and those who were closest to them.
Ben's last message to me (his tattoo): Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends.
To my brothers aboard Pedro 66,
I miss you guys.
I crack up thinking about Joel's ear-to-ear (Hammy from Over The Hedge style) grin, Flo with those dorky ass ESS perscription lenses that allowed him to see and Ben stealing all the damn Dr. Peppers in the hooch and hiding them in the medical fridge. Smith doing his flying attack on Aggie, and just wailing on him out of nowhere and Wiz puffing on his pipe just outside the morale tent.

These guys were the shit.
My favorite memory of Ben was in Indoc- one guy that was close to redlining on his Eval for his six mile run (named Zidel) was trying to get his head right at like 5 in the morning standing outside for breakfast. He was on his last chance. Ben came up, with that big ass smile on his face, like he always had, and bent over at the waist.

Ben: "Whats that Zidel's legs? You wish you were Ben White's legs? I'll bet you do!"
Zidel: "Shut up, Ben White's legs."
Ben just hugged him, and smiled. Zidel passed the run that day, and the first person that he hugged was Ben.

Ben had that effect on people- he was able to make people smile, feel better, laugh. And you couldn't help but want him to be there when you had good news to share. He was truly a great person.
Great Post AM. I cant believe it has been a year already. Please pray for their families and those who were closest to them.
I had the same thought. I remembered the Dr. Pepper story right away and thought, "OMG, has it been a year? How is JustAnotherJ doing?" Glad to hear more good stories of these incredible men.