Jus Lil Ole Me


Feb 21, 2012
Doña Ana, New Mexico
The accent is southern and the font is Georgia...I just thought it was clever. Hey to all and thanks for taking a moment to learn a little about yours truly. My name is Gene and I am a retired Paratrooper and all around vagabond with a dubious reputation, most of which I've earned. The Infantry was my home inasmuch as it provided rain, sleet, hail, snow, mud, and searing heat...but seemingly no shelter. I have been stationed in a lot of places and have done a little of everything. If it was organic to an infantry platoon, I've fired it and I've humped it.

I have been assigned as a Pathfinder Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Air Assault/IOBC Instructor, TAC NCO and G-3 Air NCOIC for the 10th Mountain Division. I served two tours in the Republic of Panama (over 5 years) and have been to many of the infantry professional schools...and I have to admit my favorites were The Pathfinder School at Ft. Benning and the Jumpmaster School ran by 3/7 SF at Ft. Sherman in Panama.

I don't have any particular claim to fame except that I have prepared many soldiers for combat. Some have gone and of those who have gone that I am aware of, all have returned and have made me proud. Most importantly, they have returned...though not complete in a couple of cases. A man can't ask for much more than that.

Semper Primus