Lighter-Than-Air Surveillance Drone?


Verified Military
Aug 14, 2007
That's pretty cool. I wonder what kind of optics it's got on it and how it would handle out in different climates. That appeared to be just inside, a "control"; you toss that into a hot or cold "pocket" and what's gonna happen?
Here's another weird looking thing:

Is that the complete unit JBS? It looks like its missing parts.

I don't really know anything about it. It looks like its being pulled around by a boat trailer too, so maybe its a submersible? I can see the American flag on it.


Among its capabilities: seeing troop movement through heavily forested environments.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Integrated Sensor is Structure program, ISIS for short, will provide a detailed, real-time picture of all movement on or above the battlefield, explained program manager Timothy Clark.

As envisioned, the ISIS airship will be able to track troop movements – friendly as well as enemy – up to 180 miles away and track the most advanced cruise missiles from about 370 miles away.

It also will be able to watch ground targets through heavily forested areas, a capability not possible without the huge ultra-high-frequency antenna ISIS will provide.

Operating outside of controlled air space and out of the range of most surface-to-air missiles, Clark said, the system will bring a capability not possible with satellites: the ability to maintain watch over a huge, fixed position without blinking.

LOL, I love how the DARPA artist concept diagram has one of the diagram arrows pointing to the nose labeled "material"; that's right up there with pointing to the radar ass'y and citing it as "stuff".