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Feb 1, 2017
I am looking for some wisdom from you folks who have been there, done that, and know what you're talking about.

I am 4 months in with my unit here at the 25th. Since I got here, I've been rocking on the 240, and I've seamlessly transitioned into my platoon. I keep myself squared away, scored a 300 on my PT test, and do whatever I'm asked without question. So here's where I need some advice.

My division commander implemented a prerequisite for attending Pre Ranger school. So after getting back from the field on Saturday night after a week out, I got the text saying the open tryout was Monday at 0515, and I was like damn I got a late call on Monday! But whatever, I want to get my tab, so I went the tryouts. All graders are Platoon seargants and First Seargants with tabs, so it was pretty cool to be around them.
I was one of 7 out of 50 to pass the standards of 59 push ups in two minutes, 69 sit ups in two minutes, 5 mile run in less than 40 minutes, 10 pull ups or more, and a combat water survival test. So I have a slot to Pre Ranger locked up for January.

Well here's where things get confusing for me. It turns out my Grader was the Platoon Seargant for the Battalions Scout/Recon Platoon here, and he called my Platoon Seargant and Squad Leader and said he wants me over in Scouts, which he has the power to pull me from my Platoon no problem.

So my old squad leader who is in excess, and my new squad leader, both with tabs, told me I shouldn't go because I will fall behind the learning curve in regard to tactics and regular line infantry stuff that I need to know. They were saying how in Recon I'll only learn one Battle Drill, break contact, and I'll only learn how to observe and use radios. But from what I know, Recon is the way to go for schools, and if you have aspirations to learn about long guns, that's the quickest way to a sniper team if there is an opening.

I'm curious if my Seargants want me to stay for my own good, or if they don't want to replace a gunner when 6 guys out of weapons squad are leaving in 3 months. I want to do what's best for me while I still can, and some people say Scouts are an awesome way to go, that you're actually around motivated people, and you get more funding so you have more opportunities.

Too lond, didn't read:
I'm a gunner in a line unit, the Scouts Platoon Seargant wants to pull me to Scouts, my Seargants say I shouldn't go, but I want advice from you unbiased gentlemen.

Appreciate any advice.