Looking for feedback on Patrol Vest


Sep 28, 2010

My name is Andrew Kent; I am an Industrial Designer up here in Canada. Over the course of my career, such as it is, I've worked on a fair variety of product types but most of my work to date has been in technical soft goods for tactical end-use.

A number of years back I worked for a company called Pacific Safety Products and among the projects I was assigned was a number of products for a Canadian SOF unit. At the time I worked fairly closely with a few of their guys but aside from those guys I never really got much in the way of end-user feedback and so I don’t really know how well the concepts stood up to real world use.

With that in mind I am wondering if anyone here has had any experience with any of these products and feels like sharing some feedback. Specifically I am most interested in the PSP Patrol Vest and/or Chest Rig but I am also interested in feedback on the M522 and the Counter Ambush Bag as well.

In terms of feedback I'm mainly hoping to hear about what sucked/broke/wore out/was confusing/stupid/uncomfortable etc., as well as what worked well or was of value.

If you have experience with any of these products but would rather not post openly feel free to PM me.

Andrew Kent
Longbow PDS
Because I know people will ask, the OP asked for and received permission to make this post.