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May 14, 2020
Hello everyone,

I’m 29 years old, I served in the navy, I went through a few buds classes then regular navy and dropped a packet for rescue swimmer. Got out after six years. Been out five years and I can understand why it’s 22 a day. Civilian life hasn’t been easy for me personally. I was looking to start doing private contracting with constellis and I just started considering more and more why not just join and go big. I’d love to get in the army and finish my degree and go green to gold. Right now I’m just trying to do my due diligence and this looks like a place with a lot of knowledge. I’m researching ranger vs sf and prep for both. Thanks for having me.


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May 4, 2020

That 22 note in your intro got me bit worried, on another hand relate to the feeling of God. Another person wanting to know what's a phone for (find it 1st link on google) and I'm both gonna barf and blow my brains out... so yeah.

Civvies and 9-5 jobs can get hard for entirely different sets of reasons.

Brings me to - have you considered NGO work? Plenty NGOs work conflict zones, need people seriously with it and smart and taking no shit, and a wide amount of useful roles helping people, in them.

Plus plenty of time to spend half a year home, half elsewhere. Or a few months patches here and there. Or just a few weeks. Or a long weekend. Fairly on your terms, too.

Not to dissuade you from your chosen endeavours at all. Just a few more thoughts your way about jobs you might find interesting, instead of super frustrating and depressing.