Looking for old PJ/current contractor


SOF Support
Jun 15, 2008
I recently recieved TCCC course and it was taught by an 18D later turned PJ. Hilarious mofo.
I recieved accolades from him after he heard my Med Officer say that I performed the fastest trach tube he had ever seen. It let the CO know that the training and money spent on the contracters was well worth it. His group was very good in thier teaching and facilitating. I have never recieved med training before this other than CPR. True professionals.
I have the certificate to prove I went through the class and would like to contact him. I don't remember the name of any of them. One guy was an AF doc that works at an AFB in New Mexico. He was a cool dude too, went to Hillsdale College.
If anyone can pass on a contact or give them mine it would be much appreciated.
The cert is at work and we're off today. I don't remember the name but I do remember the certificate said they were out of Texas but the license plates on the vans were from different states.
He said they were out your way the week prior to our contract. July? Were you shown the Powerthirst youtube video during a break?
DMI isnt out of TX. Dont know of any former PJ's working for DMI.
I'll go into work tomorrow and get the cert with the name of the company.
I went from being sketchy about CPR to having the confidence to walk up on any arterial bleeding/amputation/airway problem and having the confidence that I could help a mofo out.
Alright, I didn't have to go in to work to get the cert. I found the course manual, it's name is Operator Initiated Care.
"The focus of this course is on transforming operators into a confident and competent first response to combat casualties from the point of injury and beyond."
They held true to this statement indeed.

It has the contact for the company in the manual (that I forgot I had) and I'll be getting in contact that way instead of putting unwanted info out here on the internets.