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May 23, 2007
Illinois, SW of Chicago
Been thinking for a while about carrying around two rifles. After seeing something about this on the Military Channel finally made the decision to try it out. After a short wait, its here. Ordered the 20in (heavy barrel) with a complete 16in upper. Plan is to move to the hidesite with the shorty and just switch to the heavy barrel for call outs and just using the shorty for warrants.

Went to the range today and it worked like a champ. Sighted in the iron sights and the Aimpoint. Need to pick up a mount for the Leupy LR/T 4.5 - 14 scope that I have for 20in.

W/ the irons and Aimpoint it was shooting MOA at 100y with Hornady 168gr AMAX. Rainy day and the paper targets ripped to hell when I pulled them. Going back tomorrow and will at least take a camera. Ended up having to move the Aimpoint to allow room for my pvs-14...:doh:

Here are a couple pic's:


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Welcome to the LWRC club. Their possibly the best rifles avaiable, at the moment.

Congrats on your purchase. The REPR is the shit !!!
Congrats! I'm waiting (not too long I hope) to order an M6A3, but the REPR looks awesome. I'm looking forward to your report after putting more serious glass on it.
Hoping to pick up a mount for the scope this weekend at the ITOA Conference (Illinois Tactical Officers Conf). Should be some venders there that have good gear. If not then its another order to LaRue for the mount.....
Once thats in, I will post the range report with the 20in complete. Limited to 300yrds on the range, but I will post how it does. Fingers crossed!
Ok, second range report. Even better than the first day. Checked zero on the aimpoint after moving it at 100yrds. After a little adjustments, I'll be damned if it didn't fire a sub-moa group! Using the aimpoint even!

I am even more impressed with its accuracy than before. No issues with its functioning at all. Clean up is much easier too.

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That's damn impressive let alone with a red dot. Hell, I bet the dot itself projects much bigger than MOA on the target at 100m. Nice shooting... what a great rig that is.
Ya, the dot pretty much covered the whole head. Gave me a good way to keep a good sight picture while making the shot. Its all the rifle, this is one great weapon system.
Ya, the dot pretty much covered the whole head. Gave me a good way to keep a good sight picture while making the shot. Its all the rifle, this is one great weapon system.

Are you using the 4 MOA or the 2 MOA dot ??

I"m also assuming that the barrel is a cold forged hammer with the Nicor treatment like the A2 and A3 and PSD ??
Here is a range report. First goup is two 3 shot groups at 100yrds. Second is a 2 shot group at 200. I quit after the second after my spotter told me how good the group was.

Knew that the very next one would be way the hell off.....:doh:

Should get a chance this week to get out to the 300yrd range to see how she does. So far I am more than impressed. Plus it makes me look better than I really am.}:-)


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Stop being a pussy and fire more than two rounds at the target! :D

Not bad mate, nice looking piece.
Ok here you go, 20 rounds fired at 100yrds. 3 rounds at a time to see if sustained firing made any difference. I blame the fliers on you!}:-)

Weather a balmy 20 degrees and snow.


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LWRC rocks !!! I don't have another AR in my entire collection that can beat this particular rifle.

The last lower that I built ( see "how to fuck up an lower AR build) is getting an SBR LWRC M6A2 upper for it. 5.56 this time around.

Great shot groups CH. You got enough gear ??? }:-)