Making The Jump?


Verified Military
May 8, 2009
my enlistment as a marine grunt is almost up and I am going to make the jump to army and want to give all i have to SF. i do not want to see a recruiter yet because i am sure i can get some good info here. how is the transition from grunt to soldier? what are some things i need to look out for? what is my best point of contact to help me get this done? has anyone done the same that can walk me on? thanks
Remember the first and last words out of a recruiter's mouth are lies...
They'll tell you whatever they can to get a slot filled, whether it be SF or not. Some prior service guys have been told they can't sign up for the 18x contract, or they have to serve so many years in a line company before they can attend SFAS.. Talk to an SF recruiter.

I went to the Q-course with a couple Force guys who had enlisted in the Army. Just be the gray man and NEVER say, "well in the Corps we did it this way..."

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