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Jan 19, 2010
Hey all,

I usually don't post but i got the go ahead from Boondocksaints, so here it goes:

Im prior service Marine ('05-'09). I did 2 deployments to iraq w/ 3/2 & 1 to Afghanistan with 3/8. I EAS'd in July '09.

Once I got out I got my VA disability rating. I was rated at 100% Aside from PTSD, TBI, & serious limitations to my shoulders, knees, hands, & etc., I found my back was pretty jacked up, & I had serious compartment syndrome in my shins. A lot of the docs at the VA told me I should not expect to workout like I was used to. I was mostly bummed b/c I was trying to get into the NG SF group down in Columbus, & obviously w/ 100% disability thats a no go.

So I started feeling sorry for myself & got up to 200 lbs. im 5'7". (ya, I know).
After awhile i saw it was pointless feeling sorry for myself & I wasnt doing any good. I realized that my service to our Country doesn't end with my enlistment, & just b/c I can't be in the service does not mean i can't help those who are. So I decided to do see if I can get back into shape & raise some money for my buddies overseas.

I decided to do the Tough Mudder (I googled toughest race in America & thats what came up). Im raising money for a NPO that supported me all 3 of my deployments: America 4R Marines (aka Mom 4R Marines). If you are in a grunt unit in Iraq or Astan you probably got Christmas packages from them. The founder, Patty Lewis is pretty much a legend among the higher ups in the Corps.

Anyhoo, what makes America 4R Marines different from other NPO is that they focus on entire units/battalions by providing for the Marines and Sailors living at OP’s. As most of you know these OPs/FOBs can have rather austere living conditions. They send stuff they actually need. They have sent fridges over so Marines dont have to drink scalding hot water, they send scarves so they dont freeze their balls off (as much) in the winter, cleaning wipes for our rifles, & a bunch of other stuff.

They have assisted with homecomings to welcome our brothers returning home from the fight,
They also design and create Memorial Monuments to honor our fallen. They funded the building of 3/2's memorial from my first deployment in '06-'07, one for all of the fallen from RCT-5 & for 3/8's last deployment to Astan. They are currently trying to get a approval for 7 ft. by 8 ft memorial (in the design of a Texas Barrier) for EVERY MARINE/SAILOR fallen in OIF/OEF. It would also recognize each unit being attached with their Command structure while serving (i.e. Regiment Combat Teams Marine Expeditionary Force's, Brigades etc...).

They are trying to get these Memorials at the Marine Corps Musuem's Semper Fidelis Memorial Park, in hopes that it will allow many more people the opportunity to pay their respects while visiting the Museum.

I have gathered up 9 of my fellow Marine brothers to run the raise & raise some funds as well. Training has been pretty tough on my body, but I know we have guys on here that have overcome a lot more so I suck it up, & Ive gone from 200 lbs. to 165 since mid-January.

Any support you can give, either by spreading the word or donating a few bucks, would be greatly appreciated. This organization is absolutely amazing, & your support will truly help out our Marines & Sailors deployed. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this.

Semper Fidelis,

Tim Turner

if you have any questions, feel free to email me at

My fundraising page is here. Click on the photos for profiles of the team, living conditions for the people we support, & the memorials & packages America 4R Marines have sent over:

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