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Oct 6, 2011
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I searched the forum a couple of ways and couldn't find any results let alone results even remotely reflecting 2010-2011 time frames. Furthermore if anyone questions why this isn't in the Marine Special Operations forum its because honestly - I didn't know if it applied more to Marine SO (seemed more oriented to news and such) or just SOF Prep.


I should be home soon, I'm almost done with most of the package work as far as routing is concerned and then come to find out I have to redo the shit based on the fact that I'm going back to an entirely different chain of command.

Aside from that my physical has to be completed at Naval Hospital because BAS here and there isn't equipped for such a "meticulus" phsycial screening.

There's another section about an Intelligence Screening and a Psychological Screening. Intelligence sounds pretty obvious even though I'm sure they'll be highly dissapointed in my results. But with the Psych eval - is it 500 wierd ass questions about would I rather be a rapper with red hair or a basketball player dreadlocks OR is it just a polygraph?

I'm pretty sure poly's are only required for TS/SCI screenings but I could be wrong, so I think its the first choice which equates to a very, very, long day.

Thanks in advance.
I am 2 seconds away from deleting this thread. I think this is weak, and G2ing!
Don't worry about screenings until you are there. Your physical cannot be completed at your BAS because you need a Dive Medical Officer to conduct part of the screening. Just focus on getting ready physically. No one here is going to help you game the game.

Wasn't the intent of the thread. I whole-heartedly believed these screenings were pre-A&S so don't take it as an attempt to get an edge.

Consider this thread closed. Thanks guys.