It was interesting to see them doing daylight MFF wearing NODs. Don't those things come off/get blown off because of the sheer speed of falling down?

No, as long as you have them secured it will be good to go. I've had NODS come off of me (still secured to my helmet) in the VWT but that was caused by me.
Good Vid. SGM Norris is a good guy. Haven't been to ATIC, but am MFF qualified. From what I've heard they do a pretty good job with the course. To answer Ravage above, night jumps suck.
I'm canadian and we outsource a good deal of our jumping expertise to contract down california way.
I thought my 12.5 bare-ass night jump was amazing-by far the coolest thing i've ever done in my life, no gear to make it suck-well lit DZ so i didn't have to stress about not finding it sans NOD. There are no words to describe it. It helped that i actually enjoyed parachuting by the time we hit that portion of the course.

I hammered in with full gear an hour later on the night full equipment jump though. Significantly, LESS fun.

Anybody have any experience jumping those chest mounted bundles badboys, the ones with the drogue. I think they're called TORDS(sp?).