Medical Waiver for SFAS

Dead Fett

Verified Military
Dec 27, 2016
I hope this is the proper place to ask this question.

So as I stated in my intro, I have plans to drop an SFAS packet but before doing so I wanted to get some advice. Be advised, I have already read up on AR 40-501 so I know what it says about this particular condition. But before I get into it, a little back history.

When I got back from my second deployment (Afghanistan), I noticed I had some breathing issues. Anyone who has ever been stationed to Fort Campbell, knows the air quality isn't the best at times, but I thought something was wrong. At the same time as well, I had quit smoking. But both the quitting and return from Stan, something was going on with my breathing and I went to get it checked out. In the infinite wisdom of the Pulmonary Clinic, they deduced that I was suffering from asthma.

(Side Note: If anyone knows anything about an Pulmonary Function Test, I scored an 85 without medication and something in the 90s with.)

So when I got this information, I was shocked, but they asked me all the questions and I answered to the best of my ability, but I still couldn't believe I had asthma. So they put me on medication, gave me the P2 profile (although nothing changed, literally all it says is to have my inhaler on me), and pushed me on my way. For a while I took the medication religiously but then I stopped and took it whenever Campbell decided to do super long runs or 12 milers.

I'll admit for a while, I felt my breathing getting better but in the back of my mind, I felt as if it was exaggerated. I honestly felt as if my breathing problems were temporary, but because I was using their meds, my lungs built up a dependency on it. So i stopped taking it all together after a while. Now I PCS'd to Fort Bliss, and I am ready to drop my SFAS packet. I spoke to the local SF recruiter here and he informed me that asthma had no medical waiver for SFAS, but as long as I could convince the Physician and with my physical, to give me all 1s, I could be good. After getting this news, I contacted an old 18D friend of mine and he spoke to his BN Surgeon, and they said that I could get a medical waiver for SFAS, as long as the asthma was controlled WITHOUT medication.

Now I had to take another PFT for my upcoming deployment, and my results came back 98 without medication and 108 with. So basically my lungs without medication for a substantial amount of time, is right at a normal person. So I come before you SOF Community, to find out what I can do. I have dreamed about SF for 7 years, and nothing will stop me, not some bullshit profile from people who don't feel what I feel. If I have to, I will claim a misdiagnosis and get civilian doctors to clear me, I don't care what I have to do, all I want is a chance to attend SFAS and live my dream.