MSOS activates; MARSOC steps toward future



MSOS activates; MARSOC steps toward future

July 9, 2007; Submitted on: 07/09/2007 10:43:04 AM ; Story ID#: 20077910434

By Lance Cpl. Josephh Stahlman, Marine Forces Special Operations Command

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (June 27, 2007) – (July 9, 2007) -- U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command’s Marine Special Operations School formally activated in a ceremony at Stone Bay here, June 27, marking the next step toward full operational capability for MARSOC. The MSOS is the final of five major subordinate units to activate within MARSOC.

Although the unit -- often called "the school house" -- only now officially activated, it has made important contributions to MARSOC since the command’s activation Feb. 26, 2006. Lt. Col. Sean P. Conley, assistant officer-in-charge of MSOS, believes the school has played a vital role since MARSOC’s beginning.

“We have been implementing our training since MARSOC first stood up,” said Conley, a native of Worcester, Mass. “We train MARSOC’s operational units (in order) to certify them to Special Operations Force standards.”

The Marines of MSOS have been training MARSOC Marines, while at the same time creating MSOS and adapting to the dynamic environment of the SOF community.

“These Marines have created the MSOS on the go,” said Maj. Gen. Dennis J. Hejlik, commander of MARSOC. “The responsibility these Marines hold is great.”

The MSOS includes a recruit, screen, assess and selection (RSAS) section and two subordinate Special Mission Training Branches, one here and one at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

The SMTBs provide special operations training in tactics, techniques and procedures, and conduct evaluation and certification of MARSOC forces to SOF conditions and standards for SOF.

“The SOF community is always changing, so we change our instruction to better meet the requirements of SOF,” said one MARSOC Advanced Sniper Course instructor.

Being a special operations force, MARSOC is looking for highly-qualified Marines to fill its ranks. The RSAS team helps recruit and screen Marines to make sure they are capable of training up to SOF standards

“We aren’t necessarily looking for the best Marines,” said Conley. “We are looking for the RIGHT Marines.”

Conley believes the best fit for SOF are Marines who are dynamic thinkers and can function in a hostile environment. They not only need to be physically fit, but have the intelligence and character to go with it.

Marines interested in joining MARSOC must meet several requirements before being considered.

The requirements include a minimum General Technical score of 105, the physical and mental ability to perform required duties, a 1st class physical fitness test, a minimum of 36 months remaining in the Corps and eligibility to receive a security clearance.

Marines graduate from the "school house" qualified to join MARSOC’s other subordinate commands, including the Marine Special Operations Battalions, Marine Special Operations Advisor Group, and Marine Special Operations Support Group.

“Every MARSOC unit that deploys has the ability to impact the strategic goals of the entire nation,” said Conley. “It’s our job to make sure they have the training and knowledge required to accomplish foreign internal defense missions.”

Conley said the vision of the MSOS is to be the premier FID and unconventional warfare university in the entire SOF community.

With the activation of MSOS and with more than 130 personnel of veteran staff and highly-qualified instructors, the MSOS is well on its way to accomplishing this goal.

According to Hejlik, the school house is the heart and soul of MARSOC.

“Without the RSAS, there would be no MARSOC,” said Hejlik.

Active duty Marines and Navy corpsman willing to accept the challenge of joining MARSOC are encouraged to contact the Marine Special Operations School at (910)-450-2720/2721 (DSN 750-2720/2721) or e-mail at MSOS.A&, or for more information about MARSOC, visit us online at