My custom made M-24 Sniper Rifle


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Jul 1, 2007
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I should have pics within the week, the weapon is being DuraCoated, and the optics should be in tomorrow.

Shot it on Monday, and at 200 yards, we were hitting every round on a 5/8" bolt head.

I was able to do head shots at 500 yards, and center mass repetitive at 625.

Here is what it is made of and the costs:

1. Remington 700 Long Action in 7.62 NATO ( I changed from 300 Win Mag when Dave told me the expected barrel life vs. 7.62 (1200-1500 vs. 10,000))
Cost $405.00

2. H-S Precision Stock PST013 with adj Butt and Cheek, aluminum bedding and kevlar
Cost $535

3. Shilen number 7 contour heavy barrel, machined and mounted. with number 11 target crown. Bolt lug machined, headspaced, and assembled. Including trigger job, BDL, and trigger guard, as well as recoil lug, and all adjustments. As well as Night force rings, and base.
Cost $300

4. Harris bi-pod
Cost $0

5. Leupold MK4 M3, with Tactical Milling Reticle, Front Focal Plane. 3.5-10x40 LR/T, in Matte black. Discounted from manufacturer.
Cost $925

6. Dope Book from Tracy B from SOTIC
Cost $0

7. Adjusting, tweaking and professional Dura Coating:
Cost $0

Grand Total:

Value of weapon if replaced: $6500-7200

I am stoked to get it complete and back in the gunsafe. I think for just over $2100, to get a sub 1/2 MOA rifle, exactly like I wanted, is a fantastic deal.

Thanks to those who helped point me in the right direction for separate parts, and a great thanks to Dave at 5th Group for his guidance, and expertise in building a rifle that I will be able to shoot for the rest of my life.

As I said earlier, pics will be up as soon as possible.

Maybe throw this on the end::D

The smell of gunpowder in the morning, and sub 1/2" MOA groups downrange: Priceless
I finally got my rifle. At 200 yards, was shooting 3/4 inch groups with the M118LR ammo. Got pics coming right now.


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Where's the paper?

We wanna see the groups too:D

Badass rig, sweet.
That's a pretty fucking sweet piece you've got there dude!
Very nice. We need an "envy" smilie; since we don't have one I'll use this: :cool:

What's with the long hair? :)