My custom made M-24 Sniper Rifle


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Jul 1, 2007
In a van, down by the river...
Very nice. We need an "envy" smilie; since we don't have one I'll use this: :cool:

What's with the long hair? :)

I had not cut my winter coat, since it was last May.... lol
(I try to cut my hair once every 5 or 6 months... whether it needs it or not)

Is she nice to fire?

It shoots better than I ever will. It was funny, I had not handled a Rem700 other than an M-24 in for ever. Then I went to WalMart one evening, and fondled one off their shelf. Talk about a loose sloppy bolt. (comparatively, that is).

D.D. did an excellent job on all the machining, and the rifle is absolutely tight.