my dilemma/"fork in the road" decision

When I was a young Marine I was somewhat of a hot head and thought I knew everything about everything. I had problems with authority and had big run ins with my first command. I had a rough time, always butting heads with my Platoon Sergeant. A fight I could obviously never win, but was too naive to take a different approach other than head first. Thankfully I had a great team leader who mentored me and taught me how to work under people I didn't necessarily like or respect as leaders. He showed me how to survive and thrive without being a sell out. I can tell you, it always revolved around what was best for my other Marines. I learned how to take one for the team, it may sucks for me and I might be totally against it, but if it was what was best for the Marines, it is what I had to do.

It seems you never got to learn how to deal with higher like I did and took the path that you could just leave. Which is obviously helpful to no one. You abandoned your fellow Soldiers and took the selfish way out after swearing an oath to serve your country. In my first command because of the operations you were considered a "Deserter" if you were UA for 24 hours. You abandoned your fellow Soldiers and Country for 1 year. I am surprised you haven't faced harsher punishments and surprised you are still in the Army.

As far as helping you in the situation you are in now. I am not in the Army nor the reserves so I do not have knowledge in the area. I am sure there are people on here who do have that knowledge, but it is anyone's guess if they are going to be willing to help you after your conduct in the Army and conduct on this board. All I can say is hopefully you have learned from what has happened in your past and learn from what the members on the board have said. I really do hope you can turn this around and be a productive member of the board and in society.

Best of luck to you,

@itsmacko Everything about your story is weird and just a mess.
I would be stunned if they granted you a TS clearance after your performance or lack thereof.
You didn't turn up for a year! You should be very grateful to still be allowed to wear a uniform in any capacity. I really don't understand why you weren't kicked out for that, particularly by a unit that demoted you for being 30min late. None of that ads up. If you were in my unit I would have had you discharged long ago.

You need to take a long hard look at yourself and make some changes, quickly. Based on your posts here it seems like you have a shitty, self entitled attitude.
No one owes you anything, you owe the Army, remember it was you that signed a legally and morally binding contract to become an MP. You owe the army the time on your contract in that job, regardless if it sucks or not.
You are incredibly lucky to still be in the Army and incredibly lucky to have been transferred.
You need to really step up and be a decent Soldier now.

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You didn't turn up for a year! You should be very grateful to still be allowed to wear a uniform in any capacity.


People can and do change all the time. No better time to change than the present. In fact, everyone should always be changing, because if you aren't getting better, than you are getting worse. Maybe you have come a long way from where you were when you went UA, but that doesn't mean you should end there.

Those offering advice on this board want nothing more than for you (or anyone else who may read this) to be the best Soldier, Airmen, Sailor, Marine possible. They won't coddle you, but they will walk along side you as you grow, offering advice and mentorship. Read old threads on here, you will see that those who go the farthest are the ones who take what is said and run with it. The diverse background here has been around the block once or twice, have a lot, and have dealt with plenty of 18 year old Private's who have done some incredibly dumb things. By seeking out their guidance, that's a great start. However, you should have been forthright about everything from the beginning. Forcing them to get that information out of you (without know who you are) results in people putting you on the shit bag pedestal. First impressions should not be a lasting impression, but it is usually very difficult to overcome that stigma.

I wish you nothing but success and being the person who you want to be.