My Greetings and Introduction


Mar 5, 2011
Greeting to members of Shadow Spear, fellow war fighters, and special operators.

I have served roughly 11 years in the U.S. Navy without regrets. Originally, I am from Virginia. Currently, I reside in California. My duty stations were Dam Neck VA, Little Creek VA, Norfolk VA, Dahlgren VA, and the awesome (and too expensive) San Diego CA. I am transitioning from my former occupation into a career with Border Patrol. After my minimum required probationary period, I will strive to join the BORTAC community. Though I am engaged in the Border Patrol hiring process, an application was also submitted for the DEA.

I am looking forward to conversing with fellow colleagues and subject matter experts as I have many questions about future career decisions. As always, any assistance and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Very Respectfully,

Welcome aboard
Very interesting duty stations what rate and rank? if you don't mind me asking.
Joined in 99. I began in deck (USS Duluth LPD-6) and struck for GM3 before I went green. The rest is a long story.
Sorry Ladies and Gents, this is the first time in a chat forum aside from college work. I am still trying to get the hang of this. Thanks for the welcomes everyone.
Oh Yes Sir,

A week ago, I purchased rosetta stone just to make the basic training a smoother transition. Are candidates/recruits allowed to bring laptops or desk top computers into the dorms/barraks. I'm also attending college and am expected to get my assignments done.