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star striker

Mar 24, 2010
Hey guys
Ive never been in the armed forces but ive always had an interst in history (especially military history)
and ive always loved movies and its what i want to do with my life.

Here's some short films that me and some mates made for a few competitions.
the common theme between the films are the tactics or lack there of. in both films the main group are ambushed and they run. i didnt realise this until i watched them one after the other (found it kind of funny) im no expert on military tactics but i know we can do a little better, we just forgot about it while filming.

1) The first is set during the land wars of the mid 19th century in New Zealand between the Maori and pakeha. the story is made up for the most part but we did base it on several real events of the time and a few local maori legends

Its pretty cheesy in parts but the competition was about New Zealand identity.
And yes we did really climb the mountain.

2) The second was for an ANZAC Day film competition. This only has the war parts cause i re-edited it a year later but couldnt find the other tape. Again it isnt based on actual events.

Would love to hear you thoughts and feedback

Im not quite sure if i posted this in the correct thread so i might do it in another one too

Everyone's done Gallipoli, Passiondale, WW2 and Vietnam
so we decided to do somthing a little different this time.
The film was called Forgotten ANZAC's when we handed it in.

We didnt win, some kids talking about there grandads in the war took out the top prizes
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