Naval Officer “loss of command/demotion” thread:


Sep 12, 2012
I may not have even bothered posting until I saw that the good Captain ordered not just one, but TEN ladies to get him through the night. Go big or go home...well played sir!

US Navy submarine commander demoted after hiring TEN prostitutes | Daily Mail Online

A US Navy submarine commander was relieved of his duty last summer after paying for ten female prostitutes while stationed in the Philippines.
Captain Travis Zettel lost the confidence to command the attack submarine USS Bremerton and was disciplined back in August following the investigation.
An investigation by the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) was launched following a sailor’s tip to the Department of Defense Inspector General’s hotline.
Not an Officer, but I figured this could go in here. Did this Navy chief deploy her security team without magazines for their weapons?

A Navy chief is facing court-martial over allegations that her ship security team deployed without magazines for their firearms.

Chief Master at Arms Nicolasa R. Simmons, of the San Diego-based Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, is also charged with obstruction of justice for impeding a probe into the September 2018 incident by telling her watchstanders “not to report that the unit was not equipped with M4 and M9 magazines” while underway on board the fast transport Carson City, according to charge sheets obtained by Navy Times.
But did they have their bayonets?
Maybe it depends on the Navy's definition of a bayonet. On the other hand, they sure do like their lasers, missiles, and nuke's.
Kinda wonder if the Navy has maybe gotten too used to outsourcing stuff to it's Marines.
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Deploys without magazines? Dumb, but meh.

The security unit deploys without magazinies?

Damn, Navy is even getting fired from the VA:

VA deputy secretary fired after ‘loss of confidence’

Byrne, a Naval Academy graduate who deployed overseas as a Marine infantry officer and later joined the Department of Justice as an international narcotics prosecutor, served as the acting deputy secretary for almost 13 months before...

...before getting fired for "lack of confidence."