Need some help from some Operators if willing


Nov 23, 2009
I am serving my little stint of recruiting in college station, texas. Down here we have some really good applicants as far as shape and mentality that I feel will be successful 18X. Basically what I am looking for is some or a operator to help me answer more questions that I get from potential apps. I know some of the things that you guys do, from a tour in Iraq in Tal Afar, when I got the chance to talk with some of the outstanding SF guys. Is there anyone out there that will be willing to help me out in this department? If not I will understand. If you can shoot me an email
I was with B. Co 16th EN BN, 1st AD I was only there for about two weeks until moving to Ramadi. Did a few patrols thats about it. We had some operatiors that we were letting using our little building to train Iraqis with some type of vehicle. Had a chance to talk to them and they were some awesome guys.