Needed: Refinishing Wood Rifle Stock Info


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Jul 1, 2007
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Instead of just Googling and hoping for the best, I would like to seek the advice of someone that may have refinished wood rifle stocks personally, or knows how to do it.

Here's what I have done so far:

1. The stock is solid from a non-collector value .22 single shot rifle, so I can monkey around with it without fear of screwing up something worth $$$$

2. Took 0000 steel wool and rubbed the existing lacquer off, revealing very smooth raw wood.

3. Took 240 grit sandpaper and got the thicker spots of lacquer off and re rubbed with the steel wool

4. Wiped clean of dust and cleaned all the cracks free of dust and debris

5. With a cotton ball, applied Birchwood Casey 'Tru-Oil' gun stock finish

6. Partially screwed in one of the Butt-pad screws and hung it overnight by a wire to dry

7. Next day, took 0000 grade steel wool and lightly rubbed smooth

8. Reapplied another coat of oil, dried and repeated number 7


I cannot get the shine I want. I do not mind applying 20 coats, and re doing those steps, but how do I get a nice high gloss finish? This is where I really would appreciate your advice, folks.

Thanks in advance,

Get a pair of nylons... wad it up like steel wool and use is to hand rub the finish in. You will need to build up friction to get the glossy finish.

Old trick.. not in any books. Hard to really describe so practice and error is way to go. Get a piece of wood and try it out.
I decided to restart the finishing process

Here are my 'before' pics:

The small one is the .22

The larger one is a Sears .410