New Concealed Weapon? Palm Pistol?

Here is a link to a new weapon designed for self defense for (IMO) 'For Dummies!' What do you all think?

One round of 9MM — Better be in the head!

Seems we have always had a palm pistol, the derringer. Most derringers also tend to come in larger calibers as you're only going to get one, maybe two, chances, so derringers have classically used calibers at that start with a 4. :)

Looking at that thing, it almost looks like a contact weapon! :rolleyes:

Looks more like a gimmick then a serious SD weapon. :2c:
Looks like a real waste of money! My carry choice is my FNH Dac-Compact! 10 Rounds of +P Corbon's! Plus extra mags!