New from NY


Feb 1, 2011
Hello Everybody,
My name is Jeremy and I am a Senior still in High School. I am 17 and will be attending the Naval Academy in late June when Plebe Summer starts. My interests include rowing (indoor and OTW), and I will be on the team at the Academy. My goal in attending the Naval Academy is to prepare myself to being an Officer in the Navy SEALS. I look forward to posting in the future.
Welcome, nice intro post. Good luck at the Academy. If everything works out as planned I'll be instructing at West Point while you're in Annapolis.
G'day and welcome. Keep up the rowing, that's the best cardio and team sport there is.
Congrats on getting into the Academy, that is a long road. Keep your grades up, to go to BUD/S is up there with becoming a naval aviator in the class rank/ difficulty meter. Welcome to the site.