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Dec 22, 2006
Actually my first rifle... I just picked up a Marlin in .17 HMR. I want to start working on my shooting, and it just made sense to go with an inexpensive rimfire where a) the gun doesn't cost as much and b) where I don't have to worry as much about the cost of ammo (although even rimfire's gone up in the last year). I'm only killing paper here (not a hunter) so paying more for centerfire (even though it is a bit sexier) doesn't really make much sense.

I'm also in the process of setting up and zeroing the scope that I purchased with it. If anyone has tips for doing so, they're definitely welcome. The only weapon I've ever zero'ed was the M16 at basic, so I understand how it's done, but I'm not very experienced at doing so.
Zeroing is an exercise in grouping, and then moving the group so it's POA POI - point of aim point of impact. Without knowing anything about your gun/scope. I would say -- place yourself 25 yards away from your target, that's generally a good distance to do this from because it makes your groups easier to adjust since hopefully they'll be nice and tight. Get in a good tight prone position, a beanbag or something soft like that to rest your weapon on is nice for grouping exercises.

From there it's the same way you did it with the M-16 - take three shots - (hopefully they're in a tight group), adjust your scope accordingly, take three more shots, and so on and so forth until you achieve POA POI. :2c:
What is the scope?

Not sure the exact model, but it's a Bushnell Banner series, 40mm obj lens, wide angle. I know it has the number on the scope, I'll check it out.

Wookie - thanks for the advice. That sounds very much like the game plan. :)

I'm heading out to a local range in about an hour or so... pics should be forthcming :)
So the rifle range at the club wasn't operating last night... pics are up anyway.


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