Night Stalkers : Yo!

I'm reenlisting Wed Sep 2nd. The cadre asked where did I want to go for it and I said i wanted to reenlist in front of a little bird on the flightline and have the pilot reup me. If it goes through, I'll try to get some pictures and post them on here.
We were getting smoked for a couple hours with the logs today and this freaking little bird comes from no where and just starts hovering and doing a 360 around us. It was real motivating. That shit makes GP pretty fun sometimes...except the low crawling over the bunkers...Those rocks hurt.
Check out the new pictures I uploaded. My shop recently presented that guitar to my old boss at his retirement ceremony. We were really struggling trying to figure out a good gift to get the guy. Finally came up with that. By the way, if you guys ever want to present someone with a custom pained guitar be prepared to go deep in the ol' pocket book. lol.
Hey guys, I'm done with first responders and land nav. We had a black day for the Nashville Predators (hockey). Their black day was nothing compared to ours and their performance was pretty weak. I start combatives tomorrow which I'm alittle nervous about "clinch day" because theirs some strong cadre with some pretty mean uppercuts I hear. I got 10 training days left guys. The 10 miler is next wed as well. Not very pleased with that.