Nug Checking In!


Nov 15, 2010
New England
Hello all! I am a former member of a SOTA in 3/10th sfg(a) back when it was at Devens and back when the army still had HAWGS. I than went into the ARNG with the 181In and than onto the 173rd LRSD in RI. I eventually deployed with the 172nd IN (MTN) and was an Operations NCO with the 173rd LRSD as a AGR guy. I am currently a Recruiter with the ARNG in New England and am proud of my time with the 10th and the LRSD community. " I was never a hero but very proud to be in the company of them." I am looking just to keep learning new TTP's hearing from the younger and smarter guys and hopefully making some new contacts. Thanks for the Opportunity!
Thanks for the welcomes. 91B New England is still NE, same here I am displaced from Wisconsin. They closed Devens in 95 and now it is pretty much a Reserve Training Area. They enclosed the area of the old SFG(A), Engineers and Medics and gave the rest to civilians. Alot of history on that post. Thanks Again...

Greetings and Welcome