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Seriously, you charge me $25 shipping on a purchase of $39.99 ??

Didn't we at one time have someone here that worked at or was owner, part owner of Ops Gear dot Com ?
Did they kiss you first?

NO !!!

They forced that charge on you, or you let them charge you that much? Hmm:confused:

I did try to order two of the same item to make the purchase more than $40 but one was to be shipped to my Secret Santa person and the other to me. Their system wouldn't take any part in that. No one would answer the damn phone.

That sounds pretty outrageous.

Yes, it is ! Anything order under $40 is subject to the $25 shipping cost. :confused:
It doesn't sound like they used any lube either.

No lube, had to take it dry. :eek:
On the way into work this morning, I heard on the radio that today was "free shipping Friday."