Original Civil War photographs

Great find, thanks. Just discovered some of the Simmons/Sperry side of the ggg family fought in the War, so want to do more reading on all the battles.
Badass dude. I'm mad into US military history

I grew up a few minutes from the 'Stone House' in Manassas, VA and have been there a few times. I'm also a short drive from Arlington/Alexandria/DC etc. Growing up in the NoVa/DC area is pretty cool, but these pictures allow me to see what shit looked like back then.
Thank you so much for posting those photographs, Gypsy! Was just having a discussion about Civil War memorial sites this morning!
Thanks for the link! Stunning pictures and an interesting site.

A while back, I took advantage of a free morning in Atlanta and spent a couple of hours at the Cyclorama. It was heart wrenching and an amazing experince and many of the pictures on display there were of the same calibre as these.