OSS Video/ How to Derail a Train


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Sep 8, 2006
Great video showing experiments in derailing a train during WWII. The best line is at the beginning:
"Because no one wants to carry 100 pounds of explosives on his back..."

Embedded media from this media site is no longer available
Yeah I see a blank space too. If I highlight the area I get a square. Fuck knows what's going on.
And so will the near enemy. Vid should be removed from this site: no sense tossing a fastball low and outside for "them".
Except that this style of track and wheel hasn't been used in decades. If I'm missing something lindy, just smack me.
Thats because the video is revealing relevent TTP's that the OSS still uses to this day....

The video was hastily taken down by their counter-interwebz division

I have already said too much...

Oh, you're in the White House? I didn't know that.
There's a different method in the manual these days. Looks like they didn't publish the video of the good method...