Paramedic certificate programs


Verified Military
Nov 3, 2015
Durham, NC
:::furiously takes notes:::

Thank you, all, for the recommendations.

I actually already have the ASTNA P&P book and Army CC-FP SMOG on digits thanks to my PSG. Ill start there and work my way through the rest.

@Devildoc - I'll look into the Success! book.

In other news, I just found out my state wont accept my NREMT credentials because I didn't take a state approved course. Have to get licensed in another state and then apply for out-of-state verification. I considered trying the "legal recognition" option here in NC but since I leave on Monday I will no longer meet the residency requirement.

I certainly understand that not all programs are equal in terms of quality but this seems like a lot of bureaucracy to me.

I think over the years a lot of states generally and North Carolina specifically has made cross certification and reciprocity much, much more difficult than it needs to be, certainly much more difficult than it used to be.

I think the fact that it needs to be a "state approved" course is a bunch of crap, as long as it meets the same objectives and number of hours that the DOT states, then it should suffice. But they certainly don't ask me for my opinion.