Petty Officer 1st Class Luis Souffront,


What I sposed ta did?
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Jan 18, 2008
He had traveled from Guam to Iraq, trained to be a salvage diver and to defuse and dispose of explosives for the U.S. Navy. He survived at least one wound received in combat.
But on Thursday, a roadside bomb killed the highly trained Navy sailor from South Florida as he worked with a Virginia-based SEAL team in Iraq.
Petty Officer 1st Class Luis Souffront, 25, of Miami, died from injuries suffered in an explosion that also wounded six Navy SEALs, the U.S. Department of Defense announced. The department declined to release additional details about his death or say whether he was trying to defuse the improvised explosive device when it exploded.
Though not a member of the SEALs, the Navy’s elite special forces unit, Souffront faced the same day-to-day dangers, said Lt. David Luckett, a Naval Special Warfare spokesman based in Virginia.
“They train side by side with their SEAL counterparts in preparation for deployments and are brothers-in-arms on the battlefield,” Luckett said.
A statement was released by Souffront’s commanding officer, praising the sailor for his skill and courage. The Department of Defense did not release the name of the officer, citing a policy of not identifying U.S. military personnel in the special forces.
“His [Souffront’s] service to our country represented the highest ideals of our community and his loss affects us all,” the commanding officer was quoted as saying.
Souffront, who was raised in Miami, graduated from Barbara Goldman Senior High School and enlisted in the Navy in 2000, said Sandy Mata, 28, a childhood friend from Miami. His training took him from Florida to Illinois, California and Guam.
He went on to earn numerous military decorations, including the Purple Heart, two Navy Achievement Medals and one National Defense Service Medal. Luckett said he did not know the circumstances behind Souffront’s Purple Heart, other than he had been wounded in combat.

Prayers to his family.
Rest easy Sailor. Forever red skies at night.

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice to our great Nation of the United States.

"No words of mine can begin to assuage the bereavment you must be feeling" Presidet Abraham Lincoln
RIP - Sailor!!! Prayers inbound to friends, families and wounded! Heal well Seals!