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Jan 7, 2009
What are we listening to?

I will start out. I listen regularly to the following:

This American Life, NPR pretty easy to listen to, has interesting stories.

How Did This Get Made? A hilarious podcast by Paul Scheer(Andre from The League) and Jason Manzoukas(Rafi) where they break down shitty/sometimes cult films. Hilarious!

Joe Rogan Experience but only if I like the guest, often I think Joe Rogan is an asshole who is just bigger than all the people he hangs out with. I often get the feeling that's why he says some of the shit he does.

You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes: another comedy podcast. Dude is funny, sand has a lot of great guests.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me: Another NPR thing, current events told with some comedy.

Hangar Flying Podcast: an airline pilot, a flight attendant/ pilot have all sorts of pilots on the show, I'm getting my private pilots license, so I enjoy this one.

Serial: you know this one.
Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast - He's Gilbert, but is a surprisingly good interviewer and has had some pretty good guests:
Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast by Sideshow Network on iTunes

Occasionally I give SOFREP radio a shot, but the audio quality is often very bad.

Dan Barreiro - KFAN Radio
Minnesota sports talk radio, but he spends more time on national issues than he does on sports. Very well connected -

Most of the others I enjoy are likely too local to share.

Outside of the Joe Rogan Experience (hit and miss) I generally only listen to ones that are recommended to me. I do listen more to JRE, but really agree that it's dependent on the guest and how the conversation takes place. I really enjoy some the experts he brings on, mostly having to do with history, medical, nutritional or scientific research. The ones where he is just BS'ing, get annoying really quickly.

I tend to like investigative reporting style podcasts, more than opinionated or promotional styles.

Love TED!
Intelligence Squared US Debates - great debates in Oxford-rules format. Goes quickly, you always have experts on the topics at hand, and the moderator is very adept at keeping things on track. I always learn a lot regardless of which side 'wins.'

Intelligence Squared - The same producers upload talks from famous/engaging people. Not all may be your cup of tea but several I have found really interesting - especially one on the evolutionary process that leads to dehumanization. I thought it had some great insights into human bias in a variety of things.

TED Radio Hour - not a ton of new content and some of the episodes are better than others but about 70% of these are really great topics. Basically the format is to bin several TED talks on a single theme, summarize the TED speaker's points, and have extended interviews with them. I've definitely learned a lot on these and it has oriented me to a number of really interesting TED talks (also let's me know a number I'd prefer to skip).

Backstory - Three American history professors (emeritus in 2 cases) pick a topic to go in depth on in American history. Really interesting and engaging on a variety of topics.

HBR Ideacast - Provides a summary of specific articles from the Harvard Business Review. Not all are of interest but I've found a number offer interesting insights on leadership and organizational dynamics from a business perspective. Not something I usually think about with military leadership texts so provides a valuable perspective.

Fresh Air on NPR - I listen to about 30% of these (many are with people I have no interest in hearing interviews with). But, the ones I listen to are very well done. The interviews are much more in depth and insightful than most you find. I especially enjoy interviews with journalists and non-fiction authors. The episode will give you a great summary of in-depth reporting or a book they've written.

Point of Inquiry - I find about 60% of these really interesting. The interviewers are Athiest and liberal so, discussions are going to come from that point of view. I find the explorations of Athiestic thought interesting but buyer beware, they kind of take for granted a liberal, or at least liberal/libertarian view of any sort of public policy.
I mostly listen to podcasts on long drives to contract work(2+hrs) so something wher I can zone out and laugh a bit is important for me.
Agree, good podcasts make the commute bearable. I don't spend much time outside of that listening to them. But, it surprises me - even now when my commute is much shorter - how much time I spend in the car. Starts to add up when you finish a week and realize you got through 2-3 hours of podcasts.
I listen to Fresh Air daily. It makes the subway commute much more bearable.
Radiolab almost every day. They have so many good stories that come from the most unlikely places.
I started listening to Serial when this most recent season came out. It started strong but the "episode every two weeks" format leaves me wanting.
Last, but not least, BBC Persian to keep up with listening skills.
How Stuff Works has several good series - Stuff They Don't Want You to Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff You Should Know, etc

Barbell Shrugged also has some interesting commentary from people who are smarter than me when it comes to lifting heavy things.

(in addition to the standard BBC/NPR fare)
The two main ones I listen to are Judge John Hodgeman and The Flophouse. Sometimes listen to Risk! but not too often.
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.

I really enjoy them. Only thing is once you get caught up you have to wait a long time for him to come out with a new one.

Tim Ferris Podcast is awesome and has some really good interviews from top performers in their field.
I appreciate the heads up on Intelligence Squared, listened to two of the debates now "prosecutors have too much authority" and the "increasing life span" ones. Both were excellent and I'm pretty sure I'm hooked now. Really enjoy the moderation and professionalism thus far and appreciate the heads up on it!
Dan Carlin Hardcore History and Common Sense
On Point, Tom Ashebrook
On The Media
Stuff They Don't Want You To Know
The Diane Rehm Show
The Federalist
Fresh Air
Stuff You Should Know
War On The Rocks
SPY (International Spy Museum) Serious intelligence community/espionage discussion with authors and SME's.
Chairborne Commandoes
Task & Purpose Radio (great companion to current season of Serial)
Here's The Thing (Alec Baldwin) soft interviews with some interesting folks
Truth and Justice with Bob Ruff started as a companion to Serial S1, has gone one to cover cases of questionable LE and prosecutorial actions.

I listen at work to help with the Tinnitus. I don't listen to all the episodes of some of them, but pick and choose interesting topics or interviews.
I appreciate the heads up on Intelligence Squared, listened to two of the debates now "prosecutors have too much authority" and the "increasing life span" ones. Both were excellent and I'm pretty sure I'm hooked now. Really enjoy the moderation and professionalism thus far and appreciate the heads up on it!

@Diamondback 2/2 I really liked those as well. I generally prefer the US debates to the British ones but there was one British debate on I2 from several years ago - I think the question was 'Winston Churchill was a terrible PM' or something like that. Pat Buchanan - of Nixon Administration/Presidential Candidate/McLaughlin hour participant fame - was one of the prime arguers that Winston Churchill was a terrible PM. You would think a debate like that would be terrible (what kind of dipshit thinks Winston Churchill was overrated?) but I found just the opposite. Really fascinating points brought up with the debaters stirring up some passion.

Made me really think about what makes great leaders/politicians at the time and for posterity. It didn't change my views on Churchill as much as make me think about how events shape or are shaped by leaders. I think for history buffs like @Freefalling, @Ocoka One, and others on the site who read a lot of WWII history it's worth a listen.
I try to stay current to keep up with my sons, but confess I'm behind the times when it comes to podcasts. Up until 6 months ago I still had a flip phone.

Intelligence Squared sounds like something I'd like to hear.
Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is a big one for me. I'll probably listen to each of his multiple times. I love history.

Anyone else here listen to Global Recon Podcast?
They have a lot of team guys on each one. Ones that stood out to me were one of the guys who treated Marcus Luttrell in 2005 (Travis something), and Benjamin Bitner (KIA)'s wife. Lots of interesting discussions and I learn a lot from em.
I've been listening to Cashing In with Tj Miller and Cash Levy. Hilarious.
I'm getting my private pilots license, so I enjoy this one.
A couple aviation related ones I occasionally listen to that may be of interest to you:
  • Airspeed (various aviation topics, mostly GA, often with interviews...sometimes has some very good topics)
  • AVWeb (aviation news)
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